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Pastor, Rev. Clyde D. Talley & First Lady Yolanda Talley

Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church helps to provide the foundation for strong communities in Worcester.   We believe that if you can change one person for the better you can change a family, you change a family, you can change a neighborhood, you change a neighborhood, you can help change a city.  Our members work together to support our communities.  We also believe in having a personal relationship with God.  Come where we believe everybody is somebody!


All are welcome!

Join Us for Church!

Most people who drop out of church haven't lost their faith in God, they simply fell out of the habit of churchgoing. Some moved or had a change in life circumstances, or they had a falling out with their former church and simply drifted away. Most often, life became too busy.  Is this you?  Or you may not have come to church but are open to attending a service?  We invite you to join us!

Thought Life!

This is a new ministry that I'm excited about!  JuVan Langford has agreed to partner with us and connect us to his "Thought Life" video blog.  He is exciting the youth (as well as us seasoned folks) with his positive messages and inspirational mentoring through the web.  Take a look to get started and there is more to come!

Let’s face it, the economy isn’t great. But that doesn’t mean your marriage can’t be. During these times of pressure, it can be easy to allow small things to creep in that can harm your marriage. Things like arguments, time apart, finances, and work can continue to build and create distance between you and your spouse. That is why it is so important to continually invest in your marriage to point out where big or small adjustments could help.


The only one in this region this year. April 4-6, 2014 at Hyatt Regency Newport, 1 Goat Island, Newport, RI 02840. Belmont is sponsoring this event along with Family Life. We have a special group rate of $150 per couple instead of $300 ($79.50 pp!) The hotel rate per night is $134 - You are responsible for hotel reservations. The hotel number is: (401) 851-1234. (Staying at the hotel is not required, but recommended.) To go, click this link:  REGISTER - Use the group name:  LEANONME

Momentum - Unchained: Free From Debt!


We have launched a major church and community initiative which is to free as many people from debt as possible. We have partnered with the Dave Ramsey organization to change the culture of giving in our country – starting with the church, spreading to the community, and ultimately impacting the world.  


With Momentum we are hoping to achieve the following:

  • Teach people in the church and community to get out of debt and on a budget and get debt-free.  (You do NOT need to be a member to take the classes.)
  • Help repair marriages that are strained by financial problems – the number one problem in marriage.
  • Create church-wide energy and motivation to get right financially. 
  • Develop a long-term plan for the church—without debt. 
  • Great outreach program to get the families in the surrounding community out of debt.


To learn more click this link:  Learn More

To sign up for a class click this link:  Sign Me Up!

Video of the Month!

This is a new feature where the Pastor will select a video that will provide at least one of the following:  Love, Encouragement, Support, Deliverance, Peace, Breakthrough, Forgiveness, and Strength.


Watch the video and pray that God will speak to you through the message.

The Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church provides invaluable community services.

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